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While a few of the crops we grow (both flowers and veggies) are direct sown in the soil, the vast majority of them are actually started as transplants. Starting seedlings as transplants gives us a head start on the season, allows us to control the growing environment to reflect the seeds preferred germination temperature and moisture level, provides us with fully planted and uniform beds, and protect the seedlings during their most vulnerable stage. We begin indoor sowing of certain seeds as early as January!


This stainless steel rack will accommodate sixteen(16) 1020 flats with lights. The casters make it easy to move around if you need.


I use two lights per rack for a total of 8 lights per rack. Try and keep your lights 2-4 inches above your tray tops to prevent the seedlings from stretching upward.


These timers are amazing! I hook my grow lights up to them and schedule on off times for a set it and forget it propagation operation. Each timer has 2 outlets allowing independent control of 2 different growing spaces.


I've prefer the Winstrip tray to all other seeding trays. It is strong (think last for ever) and the air pruning effect helps to build strong starts by preventing plants from becoming root bound. I use 128s, 72s, and 50s with the short indestructible bottom trays and dibble boards/ plug poppers.

Screenshot 2024-03-03 133139.png

I use these deep durable trays for starting ginger, holding my potted up plants and starting the seedlings I broad cast sow in open flats before pricking them out and potting them up. 


I use these to germinate seeds that are very particular about germination temperatures such as tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, etc. This 20x48 mat fits perfectly on the grow rack I use. Don't forget the temperature controller.


I use these extra durable pots to pot up smaller starts that are to big for the cell tray they are in but are not quite ready to be planted out yet.

  • Trays & Flats: I primarily use Winstrip trays from Neversink Farm Tools. These trays combine the convenience of seedling trays and the benefits of the air pruning effects associated with soil blocking in an extremely durable package.


We use the domes to aid in the germination process of surface sown seeds, seeds requiring hot humid temperatures, and for healing grafted transplants.

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