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Start your own farming journey

Are you looking to start your own no-till ecological garden or farm? We've put together this page to provide you with the resources we use to run our farm so you don't have to dig around in the weeds to find the odds and ends needed to start a farm.  

Many of the tools I use on my farm are designed and made by the fantastic team at Neversink Farm Tools. These tools are rugged, high quality and trusted by growers across the globe. 

This page will be constantly evolving as we continue to build out our farm, refine our techniques and develop our how-to guides and tutorials.  Make sure to check back constantly for updates. 

Some of these links are affiliate links.  These links will lead you to the product we use.  If you opt to purchase the product from these links you will NOT be charged any additional fees but a small percentage of the sale will go to our farm.  

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Seeds and Starts


  • Hawaiian Clean Seed

  • Fed Co



  • Johnny's Selected Seeds

  • High Mowing Organic Seeds

  • Sunflower Selections (Seeds)

  • Color Blends

  • Leo Burbee

  • Farmer Bailey 

  • Banner Green Houses

  • ADR Bulbs

  • Bluestone Perennials 

  • Proven Winners

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As a no-till market farm, we rely on minimal tools. This is a list of companies we trust to provide us with quality tools and equipment to get the job done year after year.


Continuing Education

  • Neversink Farm Course: this course is a cornucopia of information.  Conor provides detailed information about how to start a farm from the ground up.  This courses curriculum is continually being added to.  It truly is a fantastic resource.

neversink course.PNG


I direct seed a few of the vegetable and flower crops I grow however most are started indoors and transplanted out into the field.  This is the equipment I use to start seedlings.

  • Grow Rack: this stainless steel rack will accommodate sixteen(16) 1020 flats.

  • Grow Lights: I use two lights per rack for a total of 8 lights per rack.

  • Light Timers: these timers are amazing! I hook my grow lights up to them and schedule on off times for a set it and forget it propagation operation. 

  • Trays & Flats: I primarily use Winstrip trays from Neversink Farm Tools. These trays combine the convenience of seedling trays and the benefits of the air pruning effects associated with soil blocking in an extremely durable package.

  • Seedling Heat Mat: I use these to start seeds that are very particular about germination temperatures such as tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, etc. Don't forget the temperature controller.



Feed your soil... We use these companies to source our seed starting mixes, soil amendments, and biological controls.

  • Seven Spring Farm Supply: our source for soil amendments and seed starting mix (we currently use either Vermont Compost Fort Light or Dirt Craft Organics Levitation Seedling Mix).

  • Arbico Organics: my source for beneficials. 



Here is a list of specific tools that I have found useful on the farm.

  • Broad Fork: we use the broad fork to lightly lift and aerate soil as well as harvest carrots.

  • Tilther: we use the tilther to mix amendments and organic matter into the top inch of soil when flipping beds.

  • Spade Shovel: just a standard long handle shovel will be heavily utilized.

  • Wheelbarrow: a heavy-duty wheelbarrow is a must.

  • Silage Tarp: we use this for weed suppression, prepping new ground, flipping beds, germinating carrots and resting beds.

  • Weeders: we love the 7" stirrup hoe and Mutineer how form Neversink. The off-set wire is my go to.

  • Snips: I use these snips for everything from harvesting to cutting irrigation line.

  • Snips Holster: the best belt holster for your snips.

  • Lettuce Knife: we use this knife for hand harvesting lettuce.

  • Coolbot: we use this tool in our walk-in cooler to turn a standard window AC unity into a cooler. SAVE $20 by using this link

  • Drill: every farm needs a drill. This drill has the ability to run the tilther, greens harvester and run all the other farm tasks you'll need it for.

  • Drill Batteries: if you are using the tilther, we highly recommend upgrading to these large batteries... don't for get the charger.

  • Harvest Totes: we like to harvest into sturdy totes. We use the 17gallon heavy duty black totes from the big box stores.

  • Bed Rake: we use a bed rake to level out the top of a bed before direct seeding.


  • My pant of choice for all my farm work is the Mountain Khaki Alpine Work or Original Mountain Pant. You can get $25 off your first purchase by using this link.

  • Get 10% off any Petra sprayer by using this link or save $10 by using coupon code "ANDY".  I use and love the LT-PRO Battery Backpack for nematode and foliar spray applications.  

  • Use this link to save $20 on a Cool-Bot or Cool-Bot Pro.  This tool is a cheaper alternative to buying an industrial walk-in cooler.

Seeding and Transplant Guide

This downloadable PDF lists the seeding rates and transplanting patterns used on Red Fern Farm.  As we continue to refine our veggie and flower operation more details will be added.  

Overhead Sprinkler kit

This downloadable PDF lists all of the parts used to set up the field overhead irrigation System used at Red Fern.


Timer and Filter Manifold 

This downloadable PDF lists all parts used in our manifold system at Red Fern.  This includes the timer, filter, pressure reducer and associated fittings.

Drip Manifold Kit

This downloadable PDF lists all parts used in our drip manifold system at Red Fern. It also includes the formula to help you choose the correct drip tape. 

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