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Know Your Farmer

Hi, My name is Andy.  The idea of farmin

Andy Borak

Owner & Farm Manager

Andy has wanted to be a farmer since he can remember and when Red Fern Farm was officially established during the summer of 2019 his childhood dreams came true.  Andy has worked in several professions including law enforcement, education, and the outdoor recreation field.  He is fascinated by nature and how everything is linked together.  He enjoys good food and the community it is surrounded by, early morning sunrises with coffee, spending time outdoors with his family, and sharing his passion for small-scale market farming with anyone willing to listen.

Meet Vanessa. The level head and financi

Vanessa Borak

Owner & Cut Flower Manager

Vanessa has always enjoyed gardening and is excited to share this educational experience with her daughters.  She loves knowing where her food comes from and is excited to be able to provide the community with local, nutritionally dense foods.  Vanessa loves walking through our flower fields harvesting blooms to create the most beautiful arrangements for clients.  In her spare time, Vanessa enjoys crafting and exploring the outdoors with her family.

Podcast IG 2022.png

Andy chats with Michael Kilpatrick on the Thriving Farmer Podcast.


Read Andy's interview with High Mowing Organic Seeds.

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