The mission is simple; to provide natural, nutritionally dense, local foods to our community while maintaining the integrity of our natural environment. 

Our vision is to build an ecologically sound and sustainable micro farm dedicated to natural food production, education, and community involvement.  

The road to get to this place is long and the journey will be challenging.  But we are ready to put in the miles.  We believe in the importance of community, environmentalism, teaching, and growing.  Imagine a small farm where you can get hands on experience through workshops designed to build the knowledge of new growers and people interested in sustainability. Imagine a place where you can come and relax by the creek with your friends and family after seeing where and how your food was grown. This small community feel and immersive experience is our goal. That is why we are making the efforts to expand our operation.  We are looking to:

  • Purchase additional tools

  • Erect more hoop houses

  • Expand our apiary

  • Build our pollinator garden

  • Build out more field blocks

  • Build a wash-pack and teaching classroom

  • Integrate edible landscaping throughout the farm

  • Expand our orchard

How can you help? Tell your friends about our farm.  Purchase our produce, eggs, and honey online or at the farmers market. Start you educational journey on our Instagram. You can also donate to our farm by clicking here